Social Media Services

We all know how time consuming it can be browsing Facebook and Twitter for new posts and submitting new posts ourselves. If you live a busy lifestyle, are tied up working long hours, or have family to take care of, this is something that can easily get left behind, especially if you have three or four accounts.
So why not let someone else do the hard work?
Millions of people are on at least one social networking platform, so using it effectively can reach out to people that may not necessarily have come into contact with your brand before now. Each platform is used in different ways for different types of people and audiences. For example, you wouldn't post the same thing on Facebook as you would LinkedIn, or Instagram. It has to be tailored to the platform and audience. I know only too well how time consuming this can be.

Ask yourself:
Do I have time to post at least once a day on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn?
Should I be doing more?
If the answer is yes, how do I find the time?
How do I write posts that are tailored to the needs of my target audience?
Can I increase my website traffic and expose my brand?

This is where Rock Click comes in. We can offer Social Media management, analysing where your Website traffic comes from, what platform works best, increasing followers, post likes and website visits, and if applicable, those all-important sales for your business. We can create new posts for you, retweet relevant information and give your brand more exposure. It can only be a good thing, right?! If this is what you feel you need, please get in touch. We can tailor a quote for you to meet your needs. We can do monthly, weekly, daily or hourly posts for you and take the pressure off.

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