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A published and experienced photographer from Norfolk, UK. Current photographer for King's Lynn Rink Hockey and former official photographer and media rep for Wisbech Inline Speed Skaters, with regular publishings in the local newspapers and publications. Specialising in sports, action and event photography, capturing moments in time that will never be experienced again.

Trainee web developer, using the latest bootstrap layouts meaning that websites are fully responsive and can be viewed on the largest desktop screens right down to mobile phones without compromising on content or quality. Social media management keeping your followers right up to date with your latest news, products, projects, photos and updates across all platforms.

If you need a photographer, web designer or help with social media management, please give me a shout. My contact details are below and on the contact page.

In the meantime, check out my portfolio which showcases some of my work and the blog page to keep up to date with my news and ramblings. All images on this site remain the copyright of me, Jo Tidman, and all are available to purchase in various sizes/formats. Please contact me for further information.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

My Portfolio

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Something that most people love to see!

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Abandoned Places

Exploring ruined and abandoned places.



Some of my published work.



Cars, bikes and anything else!

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Music and Events

Bands, artists and special events.

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Athletes and sports teams.


Abandoned Places

My new project started in 2019 - inspired by the Chernobyl accident and Abandoned Engineering, the TV series. As Chernobyl is too dangerous to visit, I decided to start looking under my nose and see the beauty we have in neglected, derelict and abandoned buildings all around us. Please click here to see my discoveries and a little history of each place I've found along the way. One day I will visit Chernobyl though!

Feedback and Reviews

"Photos are amazing Jo thank you so much for taking them and being with us today."
The Downham Games

"Thanks for the memories!"

"Wow!! Fantastic photos Jo, thanks so much."
King's Lynn Rink Hockey

"Lovely photos."

"Thanks for the pics"

"Great speed skating action shots."

"Thanks Jo. Really nice photos"

"Thanks for the photos, excellent work."

"Keep the great photos coming!"

"Awesome photos Jo. We are lucky to have you to capture these memories."

"Lovely photos, thank you."

"I'm not sure what's more impressive - the medal haul or actually getting into the sports section of the Wizzy standard! Well done on both fronts!"
Alex, Aboda Homes

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